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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Pattaya Shopping Places

As in all Thai tourist destinations there is no shortage of shopping options in Pattaya, including malls, supermarkets, bazaar-style markets, and thousands of smaller, stand-alone shops at various street markets. In addition to these tourist-oriented markets and shops that sell souvenir goods, beach supplies, and handicrafts, there are shopping malls and department stores that sell groceries and household products, such as furniture and electronic appliances.

Pattaya Shopping - Where to Shop and What to Buy in Pattaya
This doesn't mean there aren't places to shop in Pattaya. ... Head to our Pattaya Beach Shopping section and you'll find what your looking for. Read more.

This is the inside of part of the new Festival shopping center on beach road and second road near to Soi 9. This fabulous shopping complex has a bowling alley, cinema and all the very best and exclusive shops. credit:

Pattaya Shopping PlacesPattaya Shopping Places

Shopping Pattaya - 1stop Pattaya
An introduction to Shopping in Pattaya from designer goods to fake vendors, as well as the best places for souvenirs, clothes, silk, Antiques and more.

Pattaya Shopping PlacesPattaya Shopping Places

Pattaya Shopping and Information Shopping Guide and Travel shop
Shopping in Pattaya area can be very different from shopping in your country. You probably won't find the same selection but because of the relatively high

Pattaya Shopping PlacesPattaya Shopping Places

Pattaya Shopping - What and Where to Buy in Pattaya
The Watchaimongkol local market (South Pattaya) is a good place to buy fresh seafood, and food ingredients. At Jomtien beach shopping is somewhat limited to

Pattaya Shopping PlacesPattaya Shopping Places

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