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Monday, December 27, 2010

The Grand Pattaya Countdown 2011

The Grand Pattaya Countdown 2011

Date: from 25th to the 31st December 2010
Time : 6 PM - 1 AM
Place: at the Bali Hai Pier, South Pattaya

This year’s New Year celebrations will be nothing short of spectacular, with a seven-day long series of festivities, featuring Christmas tree decorating, fireworks, a fair and shows by Thailand’s top traditional and modern artists, as well as providing cuisines from all the regions of Thailand.

Pattaya, November 14, [PDN]: the organizers of this year’s ‘Pattaya Countdown 2011’ have vowed to make it a truly memorable performance and it will, in fact, be the longest New Year celebration in Thailand. The venue will be Bali Hai Pier, South Pattaya, from 6pm-1am, lasting from Dec25-31,2010.

Starting on Christmas Day, festivities will start with the decoration of Christmas trees, followed by a firework display. There will be a fair selling souvenirs lasting over the whole period. Fine cuisines from the regions of Thailand will be brought for the gastronomic delight of tourists and locals alike. In addition, different shows in a variety of venues will be held, featuring traditional Thai song and dance. The modern era will be represented by famous Thailand artists and those from abroad.

Included in this glittering array of talent and musical abilities will be 60 artists, such as Lu La, Clash, Bird Thongchai, Da Endorphin, Pang Nakharin Kingsak, Nut Meria, Body Slam, Mouse B.O.Y., Pu Black Head, Mos Patiphan, Potato, Paradox, Pancake, Rethorspect, Rut The Star, Sweet Mullet, B Suklit, Boy Peach Maker, Am Soawalak, So Cool, The Star 6 team, and three representatives of Miss Thailand 2010.

The media broadcasting the events of Pattaya Countdown 2011 live will be the Modern Nine TV MCOT1 on Friday 31st between 22.30- 01.30, True Vision Channel 98 from 10.30pm to 1am and the Bang Channel, broadcasting from 6pm to 1am.

These festivities are expected to be added as new highlights in the Thailand Tourism calendar. There will be continual updates about the progress of preparations for Pattaya Countdown 2011from now until the day.

Artists: Bank CLASH, Nat Myria, Mos Patiparn, Ruj The Star 4, Bie Sukrit, Pat Suthasinee, Tor + Pop, Gun The Star 6 , Zen The Star 6, Kade The Star 6, Grace The Star 6, Singhto The Star 5.

LuLa, SweetNut, Zeal, Tik Chiro, Bird Thongchai, Da Endorphine, Pang Nakarin, Bodyslam, Mouse B.O.Y. , Poo Blackhead, Potato, Paradoy, Pancake, Retrospect, Sweet Mullet, Bor Sunita, Mai Jaroenbura, Boy Peacemaker, Am Saowaluk, So Cool, Tempo-Po.

All 67 artists will joing on Pattaya Countdown 2011 with all DJ from Seed 97.5 FM: Day - Love - Bird - Champ - Que - Big - Ton. And 3 women from Miss Thailand Stage year 2553 (2010) @ 31 December 2010. TIME : 6 PM - 1 AM in Lambaryhai South Pattaya. City: Chinburi. LIVE ON TV: Modern Nine TV, MCOT 1 and Bang Channel

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